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    The Totally Self-Accepting 2017 Year in Review

    …Because who has time for that stressful resolution stuff?

    You know your goals, you’ve been working on them. This doesn’t change because of an arbitrary marker of time. If you’re tuned into the movements of the Universe and paid attention to yourself at all this year, then I’m sure you’re already doing a great job at living your life and doing what needs to be done.

    However, it’s always easy to neglect our emotional selves in the hustle and bustle of living. Which is why I’m presenting:

    2017 Totally Self Accepting Year in Review

    And here’s the 2017 Totally Self Accepting Year in Review in a downloadable PDF format. It’s fun to scribble on it, so I encourage you to take a pen and doodle away.

    Happy new year!

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