Lunar Wisdom

Sensitive in the city


    Valuing Your Ability to Notice


    You notice:  The fabric that’s rubbing against your skin. Any words left unsaid. A scent wafting in through the window. That energetic residue left in a room after there has been a disagreement. When someone is not present.

    All of these things scream at you, catching your attention. As a sensitive being, you notice.

    Remember you can choose.

    Choose to notice that you are noticing all of these things.

    Choose to focus on one thing at a time. Or you can choose to tune them out. Or you can choose to remain open to ALL stimulation. Whatever it is, choose.

    Know that even when you are tuning out, focusing your consciousness still requires energy, so you may tire more easily.

    Then plan accordingly: how long you remain in a certain environment, how much you are willing to tolerate, whether you are going to do anything to change the state of things, especially if you are feeling discomfort.

    Because you always have a choice. You are not a victim of your senses. You can always make a choice, even if it is as subtle as gently redirecting your consciousness.

    Your ability to notice is powerful

    Your ability to notice is a very valuable thing – if you choose to value it. Only because it allows you to experience life at a deeper level. It allows you to grow in empathy. It is an invitation to glimpse at truths that others can only guess at. Will you accept the invitation?

    Use your senses as a tool to navigate the mystery.

    Allow your senses to rest and recover. They have muscle memory. When put under stress, they grow – but only if you allow for periods of fallow and nothingness.

    Then, can you take it one step further? Notice – observe, pick up on the facts and issues that matter to you and your heart – then put them into action. Prioritize. Pick one thing that matters to you the most, then act.

    What are you noticing this right now, in this very moment? In your external environment? Within yourself – the currents of emotion, physical sensations and other pings in your consciousness?

    Take a moment out from your day, every day, and simply notice.

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