10 Awesome Things About Being an Empath

We don’t hear enough about the truly magical and wonderful aspects of being an empath. While being one doesn’t make us any more special or unique than other people, just different, there are some things about it that are definitely worth celebrating. It’s a gift that comes with its own challenges – but ones that do make life more interesting!

Here are some of the brilliant things I’ve learnt from the wonderful empaths around me, who have shown me just how awe-inspiring it can be to be an empath.

10 Awesome Things About Being an Empath

  1. It’s the closest thing you can get to being an X-Man. Or a witch in Harry Potter. Or any other magical thing you’ve dreamed of being. I know, it sounds childish – but as a child, all I wanted was to have special, magical powers! Now I do. You have to admit, all your extrasensory perceptions – they’re pretty cool, right? The kid in me is VERY THRILLED.
  2. But on a serious note, this ability of ours to feel pain acutely? It just means you can’t ignore it and let it fester for decades. This is a blessing because we’re being invited to hold our pain, talk to it, heal it, transmute it – and thus evolve more quickly instead of getting stuck in a loop, endlessly experiencing the same thing before we finally learn our soul lessons. Many non-sensitives may be aware of their pain, but choose to drown it out or ignore it – thus keeping a part of their emotional bodies in a kind of stasis and never fully living. You have the chance to truly live. You have the chance to live from a place of wholeness, instead of fear, pain and woundedness.
  3. In other words, you’ve actually been given the chance of a lifetime; you’ve been given THIS lifetime as an invitation to evolve and go further along the path – in soul growth evolution, in spiritual understanding, being in touch with the divine. Not that it’s some kind of competition – everything happens in its own time – but it’s a fact that you’ve come equipped to evolve beyond ego-driven hubris and chaos.
  4. You’re a leader. Look around you – the reason why you feel SO different isn’t a cause for lament – it’s meant to be celebrated! You’re different because you’re meant to be a leader in your own way, just by being who you are, who you came here to be. So dig deeper. Really get to know what you care about and want to change in the world. You’re a way-show-er – you’re bringing a new way of living to the world – a heart-centered, compassionate, gentle way to tread upon this Earth. If you know anything about the state of our planet at all, you’ll be aware that our Earth has a deep need for YOU.
  5. Your strength and courage in confronting your emotional depths would win you a medal, if there was such a thing as the Olympic Games of Empathy & Emotional Intelligence. Confronting pain and conflicting emotions within oneself is a very, very difficult thing for many humans. But you have been blessed with this strength to go deep, so very deep – these depths would often bring a non-empath to their knees, or even break them. I’ve seen people hold deep pain within themselves for decades, frozen, unable to fully live. But haven’t you noticed, the moment you decide to go deep and unravel whatever painful issue that has been holding you back, you’re able to shed it and move on, so easily? That is a super power in itself. While you’re in the depths of it, it’s probably hard to appreciate, but trust me. This is an incredible form of strength.
  6. This is also the very ability that can make you a powerful healer, to help people confront their pain gently, and to hold space for them while they process things that can be very difficult to bear. Having experienced totally non-empathetic doctors, I’ve come to the realization that Healing is very, very different from Medicating someone or Treating them or just simply having the title of ‘Doctor’. Healing is holistic; healing treats the person as a whole, human being, and not just a body with biological functions. Healing deals with the heart as much as the mind and body. Your ability to perceive the soul puts you in a perfect position to be of service to others, to be a true healer.
  7. You experience Love with a capital L. Love for all things. Love for humanity. Love for our Earth. Divine Love. You love so profoundly – it’s something that others touch only rarely, perhaps in moments of grace or epiphany. But when you, an Empath, open your heart – you can touch this Love any time you want, and live in it ALL the time, if you want.
  8. You can spot the People Who Lie to Themselves from a mile away. There are also Those Who Lie to Others. And Those Whose Egos Are Way Too Big. Not judging these souls… but there’s just no need to get entangled in any more drama than is necessary. As a balanced empath, you know instinctively who you can trust and who you should stay away from, even when it all seems okay on the surface. This trait is pretty valuable in life, to say the least!
  9. Your empathy and capacity for deep feeling can inform your work in meaningful ways. One Empath I know is a very successful fashion stylist – that’s her day job. In the summer, she leads retreats in Peru as a shaman. Her work in fashion is inspired by her shamanic work. They’re beautiful! She sees bringing beauty to the world as part of her calling. Similarly, you can bring an other-worldly dynamic to whatever you do in your daily life – from being a mother to an artist or an accountant… It’s all up to you. You can choose to infuse everything you do with personal meaning and significance, with the gifts you’ve been given.
  10. Being an empath may just be the tip of the iceberg – other than clairsentience, you may have other clair-senses too… (See point 1.) Isn’t that exciting? All these other abilities you can explore. You get to live in the magic… You get to directly perceive the divinity of the world. What a blessing!

What other amazing things can you think of? I’d love to hear!

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