5 Essentials of Empath Sanity

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In a new weekly feature, Dana of  Empathic Translation will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath.

Most of you here have come to the understanding that you are “Sensitive” and that is awesome!  Well, awesome that you are discovering you are “Sensitive” – not all of you are probably thrilled about it.  Regardless, I think it’s important to point out that realizing you are a sensitive soul is just the first part of the self-discovery journey.  The next part is understanding that there are varying degrees of sensitivity!  (Even more awesome, right!?!?). In other words, there are levels to this sensitivity stuff.


I have been blessed with – well, let’s just say, the highest level of sensitivity a human being could possibly come equipped to handle without breaking. On my journey, I’ve had no choice but to come to an understanding and total acceptance of not just who – but WHAT – I am.  In doing so, much of my craziness became my sanity and much of my delusional thoughts became reality.  Sounds ass backwards, right?  Nope. I was just born with an inability to see straight from a one sided perspective – forcing me to find more creative ways to view the world.  (Ironically, I am also dyslexic!)


What did I discover when I relocated to a 360• perspective?  I FOUND MY HIGHEST SELF! AND WE ARE TOTALLY BESTIES NOW!

I was able to fully discover myself; who knew that I thrive in chaos, and my issue wasn’t that I was chaotic, but that the “normal” view of day to day life just wasn’t a place where I belonged?!  Here’s a few tidbits I would highly suggest to all awakening Empaths on their journey to connect with their Highest Self as they learn to live their life according to their own innate purpose; embracing their inner struggles, discovering their inner gifts, learning to trust their inner knowing and fully embracing their highest and truest self.


As an Empath, this is the only way to find peace and balance within yourself and within a chaotic world filled with equally chaotic beings (whom you are designed to feel!).


Maintaining your Empath Sanity:

  • Check out your personality type.  There are 16 personalities of which most Empaths fall into the “rarest” of them.  You can take a free test at and after a 5-10 minute questionnaire, you will be provided an elaborate report as to how your mind likes to process information, how you gain and are drained of your inner energy, what triggers you into imbalance, areas to focus for self management, your ideal self image, your common stressors (environments, careers, interpersonal dynamics), and how you make decisions and take action (or why you don’t).  This helps you understand your HUMAN (your brain).
  • Check out your natal birth chart.  You can get. Free chart at under natal birth charts.  This will provide for you an elaborate report on the energetic composition of your essence (soul).  This will give you great insige into your “spiritual self.”  Sidenote: I’m not saying you have to go believe in astrology or horoscopes (I don’t follow either cause I refuse to be told what to do or who I am ) or that you have to believe every piece of your personality type to be 110% applicable – what I’m saying is, DO SOME SELF RESEARCH!!!! Use these as a starting point on your self discovery!
  • Embrace your struggles. I mean REALLY go at it hard.  Figure out everything that makes you go off your rocker, that you feel is “wrong” with you.  I once wrote out everything I disliked about myself and it was a crazy ass long list.  Then stare at all this information and figure out WHY.  Cry, get angry, sad, ashamed, feel guilty, whatever.  And then FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Go through each thing and forgive yourself for becoming a person you disliked, promise yourself you will take proactive steps going forward to understand your struggles and evolve from them instead of resenting yourself for having them, that you will live your life in accordance with your highest and truest self.  Invite that part of you to step forward and represent and welcome your self home.
  • Love yourself.  This means coming up with a list of boundaries for which you will not allow the world and those in it (including you!) to make you feel imbalanced at their disapproval of you.  This means being acutely aware of anyone or anything that makes you feel even minorly bad about yourself, the way you live your life, or throws you off balance as you go through your day – and then draw boundaries around that person/those things. This will energetically not allow them to come into contact with your balanced and fully connected highest self.  If Jane at work is always bitching to you about her personal drama – Jane gets a boundary where you shut her off “Jane, I cannot solve your problems because I’m working on my own so please refer them to someone who has time for your low vibing bullshit” (but maybe be a little nicer, Jane could be a nutbag.) Another example, if loud blasting music amps you up and makes you wired and jittery, STOP LISTENING TO IT!  Check your environments and make sure they are conducive to calm, assertive and self assured you.
  • Chill the fuck out.  Sounds easier than it is but it’s probably not as hard as you have been making it.  Once we have a better understanding of our self, have begun to work on ourself, have set boundaries so we can maintain our loving relationship with ourself, we realize that it wasn’t that we were actually whacked out of our minds but rather our mind was out of alignment with our highest self.  There is such a sense of relieve and calm, clarity that comes from connecting with our inner truth – we begin to realize the world can go on however energetically chaotic and the effect on us becomes less about US personally and more about it just being something we can feel.  You see, worry/anxiety/fear/depression all of that stems from a lack of knowledge, we are made uneasy by what we don’t understand.  As you begin to fully understand yourself, learn your self, know your self, become fully aware of your self… All that anxiety/fear stuff, it significantly reduces and often times goes away completely.
Moral of the story here.  The most essential part of self care for an Empath is self knowledge… KNOW. THY. SELF.
Happy self discovery friends!

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