Hello! I’m Kerrie. 

Through my journey on embracing my sensitivity, I’ve discovered that self-care, self-compassion and unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves is the key to true strength and empowerment. And I hope to help others – highly sensitive or not – feel this way about themselves too!

I’m also an HSP/HSS and Empath, and much of what I grapple with on a daily basis revolves around thriving in a world that is often a full-on sensory overload. Paradoxically, I’m also drawn to cities and their energies – I’m a 100% city girl – so no escaping to the ocean just yet! Still, I’m often overstimulated – or under-stimulated – and I’m always finding new ways to balance my energies, to feel my best in this world.

Feeling your best helps you to bring your light to the world, what you’re uniquely here to do.

Which is why I want to share tips and conversations with fellow sensitives on self-care, wellness, creating beauty for yourself, your body, your home and most importantly, your soul. But whether you identify with being highly sensitive or not, ALL humans are sensitive; we have sensitivity to different degrees – it’s important for all of us to own it within ourselves, so that we can fully integrate with the ‘softer’ sides of ourselves, which is also the source of much of our strength! We can create a gentler, more compassionate world together – and what this often needs is our brand of fierce grace. But in order for a wider acceptance of sensitivity to happen, I believe that sensitives need to own their sensitivity first. So I’m starting here.

By sharing what I’ve experienced, what’s been true for me, my only desire is that you can take from it what works for youYOU are the ultimate authority in your life, trust that. (Not society. Not your family, not your friends – no matter how much you love them. No blog. No magazine. No TV program.) Trust yourself always! Everything you need on your journey is already within yourself.

Much, much love to you and may you always hold on to the light within yourself on this journey.