Am I an HSP or Empath…Or both?

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So many Sensitives on their self-discovery journey struggle the most trying to understand whether they are HSP or Empath or both.  There is a lot of information available on these topics, most repetitive and all of which is opinion.

I am taking extra effort to emphasize this because although there is “enough” information available for you to gain some sense of who (and what) you are – Sensitives fall into the study area of parapsychology, more specifically Psychic Phenomena. It is an area where most research funding is not granted because the concept, like much of human behavior, is acataleptic (i.e. incomprehensible by the human conscious brain, where the more you begin to understand the less you realize is known… like space).

So again, my point here is this – you MUST do your own self research because as a Sensitive, scientists have realized the more they study Sensitives and Psychic Phenomena, the more they realize the “magical multidimensional out of the box thinking” needs to be considered if there is a shred of hope to comprehend us as human beings.  Most of what is published and available is written by sensitives that are writing about what they know and what they have discovered for themselves.

This means there is a lot more rediscovering and advancement in discoveries to take place and well, there is never going to be a black and white comprehension of our kind.  So make sure that whatever you are reading – you do not take as absolute truth unless it applies and resonates with YOU. With that, I am going to provide an explanation of HSP vs Empath of which most do not publicize and the concept has yet to be described in this way.  Believe it, don’t believe it – whatever makes sense to you, that’s ok with me!  This is just my understanding and my belief from my perspective.  Here it is:

HSP – Beginning of the journey of self-discovery

An awakening Sensitive who has come to the acceptance they are a Sensitive being, they have begun their self discovery to connect and align fully with their highest and truest self.  During this process the Sensitive begins to shed the ways of old paradigm societal validation/acceptance/ conformity thinking and is shifting to a new paradigm self validation, self acceptance and non-conforming way of intuiting.  They are in the process of embracing their own inner guidance, trusting their clear knowing or clear senses and are beginning to really tap into their Clair Senses (considered to be psychic abilities.)

Reconciling sensitive self with controlling brain or ego

At this phase, the Sensitive is still primarily functioning under the Controlling Brain which generates egocentric/mental energy (this type of thinking creates synapses, which are like little messages within the brain, that acts as a surge for the body/behavior to respond accordingly), which Sensitives are HYPERSENSITIVE to and they create imbalance within themself as they create and emit it.  As the HSP learns to embrace and accept their Sensitive being and finds ways to balance and harmonize their inner self, they begin to align with their Highest Self.  This alignment forces the Controlling Brain into a state of submission and allows for the Highest Self to step forward.

Connecting with Highest Self

During this phase of awakening as a Sensitive, the inner Empath begins to really present itself.  The once socially awkward, anxious and irritable HSP subsides and this tranquil, “peace, love and harmony,” and one with all demeanor takes over as the mentality.  Though Empaths are still offset by energetic vibrations of the external world, when the controlling brain is in submission, the Intuition runs the decision making for the Empath.  Intuition generates a “zero energy” synapse called a psychon of which surges messages within the brain that directs the body/behavior – and this energy is completely balanced, thus non disruptive to the INNER balance of the Empath being.  At this phase, the HSP is completely connected to its Highest Self, its Inner Empath.

Once you have transcended into the Rising Inner Empath, this does not mean you will maintain your inner peace forever.  This means that you are connected with your Highest and Truest Self and are back on your path of purpose, led by your inner most passions and validated by your own inner self knowing.  This state takes an incredible amount of self awareness to ensure you do not backslide into the HSP state and provide an opportunity for the Controlling Brain to reassert itself.  At the state where the Empath has risen, if a Sensitive is feeling irritated again or offset easily, this means the Controlling Brain is getting feisty and trying to take over again and you are disconnecting and out of alignment with your inner Empath and Highest Self.

When you are in alignment with your Highest Self, your inner Empath serves as a healing being.  No longer do you feel afraid and annoyed and irritated by others but instead, your level of compassion is insurmountable and you become extraordinarily service oriented.  Your focus is on elevating the state of Humanity on Earth and you feel ever so connected to every other being on this planet.

Most readings suggest you are either born an Empath or you aren’t.  I agree to this on some level but I need to explain that you are “born” anytime throughout you life that you AWAKEN to a new way of thinking.  If you are an HSP know that if you continue to self discover and with undying passion explore yourself, you will find your inner Empath and allow it to rise within you connecting you to your Highest Self and you will one day wake up feeling balanced, safe and at peace within yourself and every one and everything around you.

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