April: Spring Forward

Kerrie Li Brooklyn

It’s been a crazy hectic first quarter! Is everyone feeling all the intense vibes of change, change and more change? I sure have.

I’ve just moved to Brooklyn from DC and I’m loving it. I’m still in the midst of settling in though – an IKEA trip is definitely on the horizon (love-hate relationship with that place!). My sister and I are here in the city to make our dreams happen, and though it’s a real challenge too, I’m really hopeful and optimistic about it.

And luckily, sunny days are here to help bolster confidence. I’m so glad that temperatures are finally rising and I don’t have to be all bundled up in my coat – it’s so good to feel unencumbered, and to start baring skin without fear of freezing over.


Little things have been helping to ground me in my transition. Other than having family around, which is a true blessing, and having great friends who Skype (or Google Hangout!) regularly, I’ve been trying to take more time out in nature – now thrillingly possible because it’s Spring (have I mentioned this yet?!). Eating and sleeping well is really important for me too – I’ve been cutting down on sugar in my diet among other things, and well, sleep? Still working on that!

Also, little self-pampering treats that don’t cost a lot: like flowers – those pretty eustomas and ranunculus are now sitting on the windowsill in our apartment, and they are a lovely sight to wake up to, little touches that remind me to pause and simply appreciate the beauty that’s all around me. It’s both a balm and a boost!

Plus, a scent that I’m so in love with – the Macaron Rosé. It’s a scent from UO that’s surprisingly bright and fresh, and subtly changes throughout the day to become a clean and slightly sweet scent. Catching whiffs of it as I go about my day puts me in a great mood.

IMG_9329Spring essentials: Little beautiful things, and my pretty swirly shell from Tahiti, to keep a tiny part of the ocean close.

So what else has been going on in my world?

In March, I spent a week on the French Polynesian islands with my childhood best friend E for our twentieth friend anniversary. (Yes! 20 years!) I was a lucky +1, as it was more of a family trip for her really – her sister, brother-in-law & nephew were visiting family on Tahiti, and it was a great opportunity for E to have some quality sister time. It was a real thrill – I got to visit Tahiti and Mo’orea, both gorgeous French Polynesian islands, and of course to spend time by the wondrous Pacific Ocean. I’ll be blogging about that soon!

Meanwhile, a little teaser:


Have a bold and beautiful April ahead loves!

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