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Kerrie Li


HSP/HSS? How to Manage Your Energy in the Time of an Outbreak

For HSPs/HSS, it’s extra easy allow the news cycle to dictate your moods, energy rhythms and patterns throughout the day. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented event in our lifetime, so it’s completely normal to feel thrown off and…


How to Get Out of the Guilt Trap

One of the reasons why people get stuck in the dance of the drama triangle is because it isn’t a logical process, it’s a purely emotional one. It gets to us on the emotional plane, where a lot of…

HSP Sensitivity

Upgrading relationships in 2020

All relationships that aren’t an equal give-and-take will no longer fly in 2020. In the past, being locked into unequal power dynamics and drama triangles used to take ages to play out. For example, staying together for financial security; settling…


What keeps you safe doesn’t make you happy

We live in a head-centric society. Most of us live from the neck up – meaning solely by our intellects. However, this is a recipe for unhappiness, because our brains are wired to keep us safe, not happy. Our…


Having trouble asserting boundaries?

I think that if there’s any one thing that has the potential to change your life and your well-being as a sensitive person, it’s really the act of confidently holding and asserting boundaries. However, I have also learned through trial…


Can you really retire as an empath?

Ever since Maryam Hasnaa introduced the idea of ‘retiring as an empath’, I found myself mulling over the concept. Is that really possible? Her work has informed some of my practices, and I have found a lot of her writings…


Maybe you’re just not in the right place yet

When someone says you’re too this or too that, the response isn’t to somehow tamp yourself down to fit into their preconceived notions of what you ‘should’ be. Maybe the issue here is just that you’re not in the…


Reconnecting with my Intention

  I want anyone who is burdened by things that they don’t have to be burdened by (especially related to their sensitivity), to be able to lessen their burdens, especially if they are willing, ready and able to put…

HSP Self-care

Tired? Me, too.

I see overfunctioning (a.k.a Doing Too Much) like the glue that flows in and keeps all the moving pieces together. These pieces may in fact be broken tiles, not neat, square ones. Some have jagged edges, some are oversized,…


On those who do not allow themselves to feel

Most people do not slow down enough to even acknowledge their feelings, let alone fully allow themselves to fully feel them. They do not let their feelings ripen; they don’t let their feelings soften them. And in avoiding this…