Book Recommendation for Empaths

A sudden silence here, as I’m making my way through a very enlightening book right now: The Empath Archetype by Elaine La Joie. It’s the culmination of the insights she’s culled during her work as a shaman that took seven years to complete: and I’m so glad she did it, because I find myself nodding to it at every other sentence. It puts into words and validates a million things that I’ve always felt and experienced as an empath and I’m so glad there are people out there who have dedicated themselves to demystifying this thing!

It’s not quite a how-to book though, and after doing so much reading on this subject, I don’t believe that there can be ONE definitive how-to book for empaths. And there’s also only SO much that reading can do – and I say this as a book lover, who depends on books like it’s my lifeline and guide to everything in life. But I also believe in the magic of hitting on just the right book at the right time, and I believe this is the right one for me at this point in my journey.

This, especially, shifted my perspective considerably:

“What the empath can fail to understand is that because she is so introspective she has built up an inner strength that lets her view the pain of her life whereas others would bend or break under that pain. What she can fail to understand is that what makes her strong – the ability to look life squarely in the eye – can overwhelm another soul. While the empath has much life experience turning pain into insight and growth, most people try to avoid such growth if it is too painful.”

I’d never thought of it that way!

There are plenty of case studies and stories that do well to illustrate typical relationship issues, defining what healthy boundaries are, and knowing whether to seek more help. It’s more like a springboard to doing the self-exploration that’s necessary to becoming a skilled and healthy empath. Best $20 I have spent so far on this subject! Her blog is a good place to start to see if what she’s saying speaks to you.

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