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Self-Care Series: Intuitive Eating

Lauren Nixon is a Food & Wellness Educator based out of Washington, D.C, who who guides people in cultivating spirit-filled lives through self-care practices and real, healthy food. The attention and care that she devotes to eating and living well are…

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Eating Well

For a happy throat: Lo Han Guo

I’ve been sick this past week and it’s not fun – just when I feel like have so much I feel like I have to get done! But I took it as a sign from the Universe that it’s…

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Eating Well

Two Simple Tomato Recipes

Growing up, I was never a fan of the tomato. I just never understood it – it wasn’t sweet, or exceptionally tasty. Why would you eat something that just didn’t do anything for you taste-wise? (“It’s good for you!”…

Eating Well

Home Brewed Chrysanthemum Tea

  I love tea – there are hundred varieties, each one a subtle delight. And chrysanthemum tea is one of my favorites as it’s also a great way to cool an overheated body, especially in the summer and if…

Lemon Water
Eating Well Wellness

This feels amazing: lemon water

A lukewarm glass of lemon water every morning, to be precise. (Along with drawing a card a day in the morning with my beloved The Wild Unknown tarot deck.) I decided to try this simple addition to my diet…