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HSP/HSS? How to Manage Your Energy in the Time of an Outbreak

For HSPs/HSS, it’s extra easy allow the news cycle to dictate your moods, energy rhythms and patterns throughout the day. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented event in our lifetime, so it’s completely normal to feel thrown off and…

HSP Sensitivity

Upgrading relationships in 2020

All relationships that aren’t an equal give-and-take will no longer fly in 2020. In the past, being locked into unequal power dynamics and drama triangles used to take ages to play out. For example, staying together for financial security; settling…

HSP Self-care

Tired? Me, too.

I see overfunctioning (a.k.a Doing Too Much) like the glue that flows in and keeps all the moving pieces together. These pieces may in fact be broken tiles, not neat, square ones. Some have jagged edges, some are oversized,…