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Setting Boundaries As An Empath

How’s your boundary setting going? I wanted to talk about the process of setting boundaries as an empath specifically because I felt like certain issues may come up, especially if you’re exploring it consciously for the first time – Dana’s…

protect yo heart

Lessons from Jupiter in Leo

I was an avid list-maker. I LOVED my lists. I would make lists just to feel the pleasure of striking things off them. I liked to plan and uncertainty most decidedly was NOT my thing. Not surprisingly, I also…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 2)

In between writing this post and the previous one, life has been tossing me curveballs left and right. It was a great reminder that practicing self-care amidst even the most chaotic of moments is of utmost importance. Don’t wait…

Kerrie Li Brooklyn

April: Spring Forward

It’s been a crazy hectic first quarter! Is everyone feeling all the intense vibes of change, change and more change? I sure have. I’ve just moved to Brooklyn from DC and I’m loving it. I’m still in the midst…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 1)

Standing in the light helps. “Just believe in yourself.” It’s one of those throwaway pieces of advice that people tend to dole out. Like “Take it easy.” or “Let it go.” In the darkest, fuzziest moments of my seemingly…


Midweek Reads: New Moon Edition

1. Nourished Journal. I’m always stoked to discover new publications. I LOVE magazines; I’m a wholehearted proponent of print. Nourished gives me a sense of calm just flipping through their pages (and perusing their site!)… I’m a digital girl…


How to Fall in Love with Yourself

It’s Valentine’s Day! Attending an all-girls’ high school meant that this day was absolutely amazing – it was like Christmas (but better; more chocolate), in the form of an explosion of candy and gifts and girls going around leaving…


Midweek Reads

1.  No bullshit business advice from babes you’d like to be BFFs with Useful tips from ladies you might have heard of, such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks: “If your goals aren’t synced with the substance of your heart,…