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Self-care Sensitivity

Empath’s Guide to Sexuality: The Sacral Chakra

The Empath’s Guide to Sexuality is a monthly series featuring the writings of Samantha Daveena, yogini and birth doula from Toronto, Canada. Sex, as a vital creative force in our lives, is a topic that’s ripe for discussion in practical, yet…

Self-care Sensitivity

An Empath’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

I can’t believe it’s nearly December! For any sensitive soul who celebrates, well, anything at all – or is choosing not to, this festive period can sometimes pose a challenge when it comes to staying balanced and centered. I know…

Self-care Sensitivity

My Self-Care Contract

After a couple of years of consciously feeling and testing out my needs, I’ve come up with a self-care contract. I’m posting it here in case it’s of interest to any empath who needs a frame of reference and…

Eating Well Self-care

Self-Care Series: Intuitive Eating

Lauren Nixon is a Food & Wellness Educator based out of Washington, D.C, who who guides people in cultivating spirit-filled lives through self-care practices and real, healthy food. The attention and care that she devotes to eating and living well are…

self-care is not selfish

Self Care is not Selfish

Reposted with permission from Womb of Light, by Bethany Webster. As women, the need for self-care can trigger feelings of guilt. We’ve been conditioned to automatically think that we are neglecting others when we take time and energy to…


Self-Care Series: Elyssa Jakim

The self-care series features sensitive people across the spectrum – intuitives, empaths, indigos, whatever label you might know them by – and how they practice radical self-care. Self-care is a way of keeping ourselves centered, grounded and glowing –…