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On Sadness

When I am sad I have a tendency to want to start fixing things, or rescuing things, or trying to save people. Sometimes instead of feeling sad, I get angry instead. Sometimes it’s my way of skipping ahead to…

Self-care Sensitivity

Getting over “being nice”

Nice. What does it really mean? Often, I think it’s just a convenient euphemism for a number of things: not having firm boundaries people-pleasing Women, especially, are socialized to be ‘nice’. Many empaths and sensitive people learn to be…



I’ve missed writing on this blog! I’ve been exploring the reasons that have been keeping me away from writing in this space… And really, much of it is legit. In the past 3 months I’ve moved continents, started grad…

Self-care Sensitivity

Handling Traumatic News

I have not been very diligent about following my own self-care advice these couple of weeks. Typically I do not read the news, I do not EVER watch TV news coverage of tragedies, I do not succumb to clicking…


Dealing with Projections as an HSP

Sensitive people are often projected upon because sensitivity as a trait is often shoved under the carpet,  and lurks deep in the Shadow for many people. Associated with dark emotions and weakness, vulnerability and volatility, it’s something that the…


5 Instant Self-Love Boosts

Self-love isn’t just a feeling – it is a practice. Just like any other loving relationship, it takes presence and mindful attention. For sensitive people, when confronted with social situations, it’s often easy to slide back into habits that…


Tips for Staying Heart Centered

A sensitive person’s natural happy place is not any one physical location – it resides in his or her heart. This has the potential of sounding seriously sappy if you say it out loud in real life, outside of…


The Journey of High Sensitivity Self-Discovery

Just like healing, learning about your temperament could be a life-long journey that’s non-linear. When you think you’ve set something in stone, circumstances shift, new knowledge comes in, and you make detours or quantum leaps. One ‘stage’ bleeds into…

Sensitive Warriors Sensitivity

Calling All Sensitive Warriors

You are a sensitive warrior if you are: Actively reclaiming the word ‘Sensitive’ for yourself Using your sensitivity as a force of positivity in this world Keeping your heart open despite challenges and difficulties Driven to create something meaningful…