Empaths be like…

In a  weekly feature, Dana of  Empath Rising will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath.

Of all the things I write about in regard to Empaths, here’s what stands out most to me: the funny, ridiculous yet laughable one liners that shed light on the burdens of being an Empath always receive the highest amount of resonance.

So what did I learn, and why am I telling you this?

It is because I want you all to remember what we are here for! We aren’t here to feel plagued by the burdens of dealing with the overbearing emotional state of negativity others are in. We aren’t here to traumatize ourselves by empathizing with others’ traumas, or to kill ourselves in an endless effort to save the rest.

We are here to show the world exactly how empowering it is, having the ability to feel the turmoil within one’s self, how liberating it is to release the chaos from within, how nothing really is what it seems, and perhaps the way to change is by doing something we’d never imagined!

Here’s the irony of Empaths. We feel everything everyone else does – we understand the way others think and that’s ironic because Empaths think in an opposing way that the majority do. We essentially think “backwards” and are here to aid in the shifting of the thought process for emotional behaviorisms.

We can see how others act and we do not understand it and it leaves us unsettled rather often because we can’t imagine what it’s like to NOT feel all the emotions.

But ask a Sensitive to rid them of ‘all the feels’ and they would pause for a long time before answering… Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone that would trade the burden because with it comes the beauty.  See, we understand the Beauty is in the Struggle.

Beauty & Humour in the Struggle

So when I make a comment like, “Empaths be like… how am I supposed to get my shit together when I absorb all the problems of people that can’t get their shit together…” and there is a light shed upon our burdensome traits…

There is also a sense of appreciation for the fact that we can ACKNOWLEDGE that we feel the chaos of others along with our own inner chaos… We laugh because we know that we can indeed feel, and feel intensely – and that as much as it can be debilitating, it also brings a sense of “Empathic Badass” to the table. We know we are special and – if we take our feels away, what are we? We’d just be like everyone else, struggling without understanding WHY we are struggling.

It didn’t dawn on me until I realized how quickly the laughter came from making light of what we are instead of focusing on how it is ever so trying on our psyche.  So once again I was like, “Duh!!” And I realized a new way to offer some Empath Guidance and here it is.

When you are struggling as an Empath ask yourself this…

Would I give up the beautiful that I can see to not experience the “emotional state” so intensely?

Do I appreciate how much of a beautiful mess I am in moments that I can feel more intensely than others?

Would I rather be struggling emotionally and not know why – or have a sense of powerful self-awareness that allows me the opportunity to help myself and most importantly, to help others?

And most importantly, and I want you to process this for a little while….

Do I really feel that burdened by my empathic intelligence – or… does the mere fact that society still won’t recognize the courage, power and evolutionary requirement of being someone unafraid to be unapologetic in their feels? Am I really burdened by all of this or am I in love with the FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT that comes from being gracefully imperfect, honored with deeper understanding and designed with a passion for humanity?

Instead of having those ridiculously funny “Empaths be like…” moments, would you really rather have “Normal people that can’t feel and do not have the desire to understand the deeper meaning of life be like…”?

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