Energy Leaks – Tech Spring Cleaning Check List

Are all your tabs, all your apps, on and open, all the time, always? Besides being a drain on your phone and laptop battery, it could also be draining you energetically.

Imagine every interaction on your phone and computer as opening a new channel of energy and connection between you and a particular energy source – in this case, an app, social media, a web page, a WhatsApp conversation, whatever.

This channel runs both ways – you go into it with a particular mood, state of mind, intention, and in return, you receive information, affirmation, emotions, stimulation, vibrations – and all are forms of energy.

So when these interactions don’t get any kind of closure, subtle flows of energy exist and remain until you detach from them energetically – which most times, can easily be done by simply shutting down the app and closing/deleting the conversation.

I know this only because I’ve been finding it really hard to focus recently. I freelance as a writer and social media manager – I have a gazillion tabs open on almost every topic imaginable and my mind would keep skipping from topic to topic; it was hard to just see one thing to completion. So it all improved when I made myself close/shut down/delete all the things that weren’t relevant to the chosen task at hand.

What’s surprising, though, was the amount of resistance that came up.

So I dug deeper into this resistance – what was driving me to keep everything open, all the time? What was holding me back from closing those tabs/deleting those 1+ year old conversations?

At the root of it, I think it’s linked to a fear that I would forget or ‘lose’ something; I saw it as a way to serve as a visual reminder that a task was still pending.

But instead, what it really achieved was just mild panic and anxiety that I had yet to complete that task, which would inevitably send me into a state of overwhelm. So, in a bid to be more mindful and purposeful in the ways I channel my energy, I nixed that in the bud immediately. It’s not serving me, and it’s just got to go!

Here’s a list of things I did that helped me stop those unnecessary energy leaks, I hope you find them useful too!

energy leaks

Tech Energy Leaks

Spring Cleaning Check List

Your phone


  • close apps that you’re not currently using
  • delete messages that left you feeling uneasy, unhappy; or are remnants of a past conflict/has any lingering negative emotion associated with it
  • if you’re finding it hard deleting anything, ask yourself, why? Why am I holding on to this? What does it remind me of when I see this? Am I afraid of losing something? What is it? If you’re truly not ready to let go, take time to sit with it and really dig deeper, or table it to look into it later.


  • review the apps you’ve downloaded – are they serving you? have you used them in the past month? if not, delete them, and make space for the new!
  • do the same for photos, memos, contacts etc.

Remember those days when the only thing you could do on a phone was to make a call? And that you said ‘Bye’ at the end of the conversation, and that was it? These days we text on and off, all day, every day. I’d gotten so used to it until recently, that when my dad texted ‘Bye’ at the end of our text conversation, I laughed. I can’t recall the last time, if ever, any of my friends ever said Bye at the end of a text message! But then I got to thinking, that it actually makes a lot of sense – saying ‘bye’ at the end of a conversation – even on text – helps to close that conversation energetically too. I’m going to try to propose this to my friends…

Your laptop

  • Review your tabs and windows scrupulously every day – have those tasks already been completed? Close them.
  • Close programs that you aren’t using.
  • Shut down your laptop instead of letting it go to sleep.
  • Organize your files. Are your files all over the place? Mine gets to a state of peak craziness every couple of months and I HAVE to drop everything and start re-organizing them before I can get on with my life. I can practically hear my laptop begging to be nice and neat again.
  • If you have to save tabs to go back to them later, consider opening separate browser windows – one browser window, one topic, one task – even if that window has multiple tabs on it, it’s still organized.

Other than being mindful of your energy flows, the other major purpose of decluttering sends a message to the Universe that you are ready and willing to accept the new and beautiful that’s flowing into your life – which, hello, is happening all of the time.

Every time we take a step in a show of faith that we are ready to let go of what doesn’t serve us, it takes ten more to meet us and to shower amazing things upon us. Yes, even when that step is as simple as closing a tab or deleting an outdated conversation! We only have to do our part to clear its path. 

Image: APairofPears etsy store

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