Heaven on Earth

By Dana of Empath Rising, who sheds light on all things Empath. Follow her on Instagram: @empaths_and_hsp.

I cannot even begin to tell you how often I hear newly discovered Empaths say, “it’s a blessing and a curse.” Admittedly, this makes me just as sad as it does to see a wounded puppy, someone in a destructive relationship, any human being not fully embracing and loving their self. This quote has become almost like something you “just say” if you are an Empath and it’s inaccurate… and actually, it’s very low vibing and inadvertently draws negativity just by expressing it.

Yes, I can most certainly empathize with feeling overwhelmed by all of the emotions and negative vibrations of others, I get that. But what I will not allow is for others to discuss being an Empath (with me) as a “curse.” I mean, what is a curse really? This implies that the Universe is intentionally creating humans to inflict pain and suffering upon them. Is that what an Empath is? Someone that is cursed… Born only to feel the pain and suffering of others as a punishment of sorts? Well, no wonder so many of us are addicts, suicidal, manic depressives… I mean who wants to be born cursed? And what if you just found OUT you are an Empath. Well certainly looking up what an Empath is an seeing them depicted as the “cursed” human beings of the world does not create a sense of relief – and in fact, likely makes others feel even worse about what they are.

Perhaps this article comes out a little passionate –  and so it is.  I’m unapologetically stating that Empaths are NOT CURSED! What an amazing gift we have when we understand the truth of what we are and why. All things considered, does it suck to feel the agony of our fellow sentient Earth beings? Yeah, some days it does. But you wanna know what really makes me feel sick at the end of the day? All those people walking around completely ignorant and totally non-responsive to the pain and suffering that is happening every day on Earth – without remorse, without sorrow, without compassion, without Empathy. Truly. I feel bad for THOSE people. My heart bleeds even more for the Struggler Sensitives, the ones that do feel and feel intensely but because of all of the ignorant and apathetic humans – feel an overwhelming amount of harbored shame and guilt for just feeling the ACTUAL physical pain and suffering inflicted upon them by others.

We all know that I am someone who advocates Self Awareness. That I feel it’s so important for everyone to be aware of their self and to ensure that no one is forcing them to think outside what resonates with their own soul.  I can honestly say that this article is an opposing perspective. It’s the one time where I will say, as much as being an Empath is about “you” – it actually has nothing to do with you at all.  Perhaps this article comes across so strongly because a part of whatever it is that I really am, is to realign others with their Highest Self. And in truth, believing that you are “cursed” by feeling, is just a really easy excuse to allow your Ego to get involved and make you feel resentment towards what you are. And that’s just not something I am willing to give the Empath Community an opportunity to cultivate. Being an Empath is what you are – but the “what” isn’t about the “why”.  What I mean is, what you are, an Empath, is not about being an Empath. It’s about WHY you are an Empath.

Being an Empath is a blessing, absolutely not a curse. This morning I got a message where that song, “Heaven on Earth” came through to me randomly right before I got to work. As I walked into work I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions and inner chaos and looked over at my coworker and muttered those words, “are you ok?”  Tears poured out of her as she told me her father (who she was estranged from) had passed away. Now, as an Empath you’re probably actually visualizing the situation and getting overwhelmed. But what you are feeling isn’t a curse – it’s private information, deep seeded secrets of someone else’s inner state of being… It’s access to someone else’s Soul. And you know what, how can you feel that is a curse and not an HONOR?

Here’s how this all comes together.   could have gone downhill and allowed the emotions I felt (that were not mine) debilitate me… Or I can do the “Why” part of “what” I am.  As an Empath, I feel I have a certain sense of responsibility to guide others through alexythemia (inability to comprehend and/or articulate their emotional state).  As most others would have responded to someone that just endured a loss “I’m sorry for your loss,” I did not.  I did not feel that from her – I felt shame, guilt, regret, confusion.  Instead of suggesting this woman should feel sorry for the death of her father I suggested the opposite.  “I know this is a hard situation for you – and I want you to prepare yourself that a lot of shit is going to surface and you need to allow it to.  You are going to feel a lot but what you need to understand is that now is NOT the time to be doubting the decisions you made over the past 25 years in not trying to have a relationship with a man that abandoned his daughter.”  Now she can come to whatever conclusions she wants to about her emotions – but what being an Empath is about, it’s not about my ability to FEEL what others do, it’s not about me at all. It’s about what I am DOING with everything I am feeling and being able to help someone understand, and to feel that their emotions are valid, which is SO POWERFUL.

It’s not a freaking curse. It’s an ability to offer a glimpse of Heaven on Earth when someone is going through a personal hell… It’s the ability to offer someone HOPE.  That’s WHY we are what we are. It’s to remind others there are Angels walking on Earth shining light through the dark aspects of being human, letting them know that even in those loneliest of moments, they are not alone.

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