How does your sacred space look like?

Last month, I touched a little on creating a nurturing space within. This month, thanks to winter and cabin fever, I’m dreaming of sensitive-friendly living spaces. What are some of the things that are non-negotiable in your space?



Spaces with natural light feel airy and soothing. It’s mood-boosting and helps get me out from a zone of under-stimulation. But it CAN get over-stimulating if it’s too sunny out, so having great blinds is a must. Even if I stay in all day, I make sure that I get my dose of Vitamin D, that is, as long as the clouds cooperate…



It’s important to carve out a space where I can shut the door and take a break from the world around me for a moment. Look at that – isn’t it dreamy? I hope to have a little nook like this where not a whole lot of space is needed in order to have that bit of privacy – perfect for tiny apartments in the city. Living with others can be taxing, so a haven in the form of a warm, womb-like environment is like a balm for the senses and the soul – and helps connect you to your inner voice more readily.



I love my house plants; currently I have a couple pots of pothos (money plants), a hyacinth bulb, and some air plants. Plants create a homey feel, freshen up the air, and are just great, silent friends to have around. I also talk to them now and then to encourage them to grow. They hear you. Seriously. But if you need some somewhat empirical evidence, there was an episode on Mythbusters where plants that were kept in a room with music being played grew much faster than when left completely alone. Also, the plants didn’t care what music was being played – they responded equally well to both classical and death metal – i.e. plants will not judge your taste in music. 🙂

Keeping it low tech

I try to minimize the electromagnetic frequencies that I’m surrounded by. I find that I can sense the presence of a TV even if it’s in another room! It’s hard for me to fall asleep when these electronics are close by, so I don’t actually own a TV right now…



I just got serious tub envy from browsing on Pinterest, but isn’t this seriously amazing? Speaking of womb-like spaces, tubs serve that purpose too, so Goddess-willing, I may one day have the good fortune of having a dreamy tub like this…

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