HSP & Empath Resources

I’m an HSP/HSS and an Empath.

There are many wonderful gifts that come with high sensitivity – including heightened intuition, spiritual connection, as well as immense creativity and compassion.

In order to enjoy them, and to fully wield your personal power, being empowered is key. Empowerment begins with acknowledging and accepting your sensitive/empath self, and equipping yourself with tools so that you’re fully able to express your gifts in this lifetime. In case you need a reminder: you DO have wonderful gifts to bring to the world! In fact, everyone has unique gifts to the bring to the world – and the key to fully manifesting them with confidence and joy is self-knowledge. (“Know Thyself” the sages said – and they must have really meant it, because they carved it into stone.)

Here are the resources that have been helpful to me so far:

1. Elaine La Joieclearreflectioncoaching.com – I highly recommend her books The Empath as Archetype, Volumes One through Five.

She is able to succinctly summarize typical Empath relationships, challenges, and the path to healing. It’s perfect for any empath who’s ready to make sense of the relationships in their life, and to live the authentic life you truly long for. “The beginning of mastery…comes with accepting that emotional energy must be scrupulously watched.”

2. Caroline van Kimmenadethehappysensitive.com

Caroline is super relatable and practical, and offers simple, structured courses that were really helpful for me. She’s able to use analogies that easily explain concepts that may be tricky to grasp initially, like energy and emotions. I’ve picked up techniques from her that I still use in my daily life.

3. Elaine Aronhsperson.com

She’s the leading authority on HSPs – and I turn to her blog every time I need a dose of down-to-earth, calming sensitive advice. On top of being an HSP, I’m also a high sensation seeker (HSS), to make things more interesting. So whenever my HSS side has had too much of a say, I turn to her for grounding and comfort.

I believe there are many paths to HSP & empath empowerment. Especially as an empath, it’s important to trust your gut when it comes to what works for you and what doesn’t. The trick is in how you feel – does it make you feel off, uneasy, or wrong, or just doesn’t sit right with you? Then trust yourself – look for something else. We all have unique ways of learning and being, and that’s completely okay! For me, I’m constantly experimenting and seeking out new knowledge – I’m in the midst of tailoring a self-care program based on what I’ve learnt and picked up along the way. I’m guessing as I grow and evolve, my needs will change and the resources I turn to will change as well. My list will be updated from time to time.

All the love and blessings in the world to you on your journey. We’re all in this together.