Maybe you’re just not in the right place yet

When someone says you’re too this or too that, the response isn’t to somehow tamp yourself down to fit into their preconceived notions of what you ‘should’ be. Maybe the issue here is just that you’re not in the right place yet. In the right place your imperfections make perfect sense. In the right place your idiosyncrasies are the norm. In the right place, you don’t have to look like them on the surface – it is in the way your light matches theirs that matters. It’s not about how it looks. It’s about how it feels. In the right place it feels right. In the right place you are not an oddity, there is a rightness of fit and there is a logic to your existence. Even though existence is not logical. Even if this right place only exists in your heart at first.

We must not linger too long where we do not belong.

I think most people walk around trying to fit other people into the box they’ve already designated in their minds for them. Few people walk around with open hearts and wide eyes trying to see you for who you really are and to connect soul-to-soul. I think most people, for the sake of any kind of connection at all and not wanting to be alone, willingly play up to expectations or ‘type’. And you can lose yourself in the process. You can lose yourself if you’re more sensitive and attuned to others’ underlying needs. Others’ needs for you to be their mummy or daddy or child or servant or any other role that has been lacking in their lives. So many people walk around with wide gaping wounds where their hearts are supposed to be, and if you see, if you are sensitive, your heart responds before your mind does. And then you play up to the role you never consciously agreed to.

Our jobs are to shed the roles we never agreed to.


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