Midweek reads

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1. The Numinous

Material Girl, Mystical World – what? Yes. This is me. Their tagline basically encapsulates who they are (well, yeah I guess that’s what tag lines are for…) It’s a newish site on all things mystical, but made more relatable for your average material girl.

2. Love Lanyadoo & Astrotwins

On the same vein – if you’re into astrology like me, then you’d enjoy the whole spate of modern, with-it astrologers I’ve found recently.

It seems like everyone’s jumping onto this pop culture astro trend – I guess it’s been quite a while now – but I like where this is going! Love Lanyadoo & Astrotwins are just a couple that I’ve been into. I also read Astrograph for more esoteric, broad-strokes type of astrology. I totally believe in working with the universe, so astrology to me is like catching the breeze when you’re trying to set sail, you know? You gotta know which way the wind is blowing, so that you can work with it.

3. Shinji Moon interview

She’s my new favorite poet – and this interview is from two years back, but still full of little gems of wit & wisdom. And she was only 18 at the time! An old soul, I’m sure.

“There are some feelings that are universal. We know the feeling of love, of caring for someone,  for hurting for someone, because of someone, with someone — but it’s just that none of us can put it into words. All I’m trying to do is dissect hearts and souls and minds and human beings without the messiness of open-heart surgery.”

4. Something offline: Monocle magazine, November issue

I love this month’s issue – it’s design-centric theme and is a pleasingly heavy tome. There’s a feature on homeware and I’ve already furnished the home of my fantasies with everything that’s been featured, including copper spoons and oil lamps and water bottles. (images from Monocle magazine)

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