Midweek Reads: New Moon Edition


1. Nourished Journal. I’m always stoked to discover new publications. I LOVE magazines; I’m a wholehearted proponent of print. Nourished gives me a sense of calm just flipping through their pages (and perusing their site!)… I’m a digital girl with an analog heart, what can I say.

2. Copyblogger. There’s a ton of good stuff in this interview with Sally Hogshead, copywriter. Puts into words what the highest goal of content marketing is – expressing the essence of who you are / what your brand is all about, and sharing the true value of this inimitable core:

“The goal is not to change who you are into somebody else. The goal is to identify those parts of you that are so valuable, that are so different, and become more of who you are.”

I love it because first of all – IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. Not struggling against yourself to fit into a mould of what you think the world wants, and secondly, isn’t it so healing on a certain level too? That we all come with certain strengths, and these are also the gifts that you can share with the world.

Plus – a free personality test, and who isn’t secretly into those things?

3. Florence is back!!! How Big How Blue How Beautiful. Not a read … But. I love her, she is a goddess, queen mother, high priestess…

4. What Happens When Poor People Marry Rich People.

5. And lastly, I’ve been really into Nayyirah Waheed‘s poetry lately:

she asked

‘you are in love

what does that love look like’

to which I replied

‘like everything I’ve ever lost

come back to me’

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