Overwhelmed and Overstimulated? HSP Level 10 First-Aid Kit

In a  weekly feature, Dana of  Empath Rising will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath.

Emotional energies on Earth are high and intense right now – so I want to discuss what I call HSP Level 10. What happens to a lot of Sensitives is that when Emotional Energies are HIGH that means most normal human beings are struggling with finding inner balance and the deeper meaning to their state of being.

The Universe is attempting to awaken humans by bringing their drama to the surface and asking them to face it head on so they can evolve. A lot of those who never understood what your so-called Sensitive way of existing was like are experiencing it first hand right now. Remember what it was like when you didn’t know wtf you were? How crazy and lonely and depressing life got – combined with floods of mass anxiety and hyper-vigilance ruling your life? That’s what they are getting slammed with.

So. Be patient if you see others struggling right now. And even more important – be more patient with yourself as you experience the aftermath of this energetic emittance of internal chaos of others. I’m REALLY advocating for Sensitive Self Awareness right now and making an effort to put together proactive strategies for those times you are feeling completely off your rocker and all alarms are going off and you’re really just about to lose your shit and slide back to the state of being when YOU had no idea and no control over what you were feeling inside.

Here’s a few simple strategies you can have in place or at least consider when you are feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated.  Sometimes just knowing you know what to do is all you need.  Being prepared means having confidence in your abilities to handle a situation of overwhelm; it’s reassuring to say the least.  I no longer get anxiety about how to handle it the next time anxiety hits!

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  • Spend as much time as possible in a QUIET and CALMING setting. Nature is best – but I understand that it’s not always possible.  However, taking a short break from life for a second and stepping outside to really focus on looking at the trees, the grass, breathing in the air, listening to the rain or the birds, feeling the sun, the heat, the breeze… This all counts as being in nature! Sometimes I go outside and just take a few deep breaths of crisp new air and then go back to whatever I was doing.
  • Squat it out! I know, that’s work! But it’s good work!  Squatting requires the brain to work and focus and it creates a physical tension that will draw the attention from hyper-stimulation to focused stimulation.  And believe it or not – the brain will re-associate the inner chaos as energetic “gains” because squatting pumps endorphins and the brain likes endorphins! Plus you’ll feel better after you surge some of that energy out (and the tush will feel good too!)
  • Overstimulate your senses. Really? I know.  But I mean – PUT THEM TO WORK!  Most of the time when we are hypersensitive we are taking IN a lot of information but not doing anything with it, except over processing it, creating a build-up, which makes us want to twitch! So give your senses an OUTlet for this energy!  Spearmint gum has a wonderfully quick, mostly sedating effect on me.  It keeps my mouth and my nose working.  There are research studies on this, that chewing gum helps humans to focus.  So go ahead, look it up!  I literally don’t ever not chew gum – it just works.  Weighted heating pads also are wonderful on the lap or around the shoulder.  Hugs are the best because it’s full body contact. Music is wonderful to listen to (ones without words so you don’t feel the emotional energetic state of the singer) and I like to keep a hair tie on me so that I can twiddle it in my fingers that releases some tension also.
  • Self Compassion is a must. I like to literally talk to myself as if I am communicating to a lost and lonely child from another country that can’t understand my language. I’m SUPER PATIENT with myself and overly compassionate.  I am gentle on my entire being – I move slower than normal, I refrain from speaking out loud if I can, I pull myself out of as much human contact as possible and I constantly walk myself through telling myself I am safe, I am happy, I am sensitive and that’s ok. I don’t over commit myself for a few days and I essentially prepare for and treat myself for a few days of how someone would treat their self if they were recovering from an injury. I take it EASY!
  • Feel it all – then let it go.  Affirmations are a really great way to release stress and emotional blockages in your being physically, mentally and emotionally. Sensitive Self Talk is healing and what’s better than being your own 24/7 therapist, spirit guide and life coach? I could go into details about affirmations but they really need to be personalized. For myself, I use two affirmations the most often. The first is in times of hypersensitivity and I’m on HSP Level 10. I speak to myself and remind myself I am aware of my being as a Sensitive and promise to take proactive steps to remain calm and balanced and focused.  I remind myself I am not in actual physical or emotional danger and there is no need to be tense.  I literally walk myself through releasing tension in my eyes, my jaw, my shoulder, etc.  The other is that each night I grant my body and mind permission to release any energies, pains, memories, emotional or spiritual hurts that are not serving my greater purpose and self evolution. I forgive myself for my potential set backs and I promise myself to work hard tomorrow to remain on my path of purpose and stay focused only on balance and peace and (insert whatever intention you want to set for yourself).  Please look up affirmations, there are tons on Pinterest that should give you a good idea of what they are and how to create your own.
Remember – you are never going to wake up a hardened being and if you did, that would DEFINITELY be a set back to your sensitive self discovery and sensitive self evolution.  The point is not to harden yourself but to learn how to balance your sensitive self within a seemingly harsh world of energetic chaos. Keep moving forward, focus, never settle, trust your struggles and embrace your Self entirely.  This is how you become Self Aware and Self Empowered.  And that is how you become a Highly Evolved Sensitive.

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