Wisdom Scopes

Sensitive in the city

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    Empaths and a Sense of Safety

    Do you feel safe in this world? As empaths, the feeling of safety may sometimes elude us: whether it’s from early childhood conditioning or other experiences growing up, we carry this…

  • Self-care Sensitivity

    Meditation 101

    Meditation has been a lifesaver for me, and has already radically re-wired the way I respond to stimulus. I am by no means an ‘expert’, if there is even such a…

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    How to Focus as an HSS/HSP

    Focus is a place where I can slip into easily on some days, while on the others, I may have to coax myself into it. There is the long-term kind, which…

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    How does your sacred space look like?

    Last month, I touched a little on creating a nurturing space within. This month, thanks to winter and cabin fever, I’m dreaming of sensitive-friendly living spaces. What are some of the…

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    Sanity for HSS/HSP

    Hi there. Have you just come off the high of a cycle? Or are you just emerging from the burnout of overstimulation? I feel you. Many times, I thought I had…

  • healer and warrior

    HSP/HSS as Healer and Warrior

    Both sides need to be expressed. They both play a part in your own personal evolution, and your role in this lifetime. This tussle within you, this push and pull of…

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    Sensitives in the Wild – Marie Kondo

    Sensitivity as super power, spotted in the Wild. Marie Kondo’s book ‘Spark Joy‘, her illustrated guide follow-up to massively successful ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘ caught my eye lately. Marie…