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Sensitive in the city

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    Living Review Self-care

    Review: Natural Deodorants

    Review: this column is dedicated to natural products that sensitive people may enjoy. Featuring products that are ethically made without synthetic ingredients, and/or as a bonus, are sustainably sourced and/or are…

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    Valuing Your Ability to Notice

    You notice:  The fabric that’s rubbing against your skin. Any words left unsaid. A scent wafting in through the window. That energetic residue left in a room after there has been…

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    On Sadness

    When I am sad I have a tendency to want to start fixing things, or rescuing things, or trying to save people. Sometimes instead of feeling sad, I get angry instead.…

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    Self-care Sensitivity

    Getting over “being nice”

    Nice. What does it really mean? Often, I think it’s just a convenient euphemism for a number of things: not having firm boundaries people-pleasing Women, especially, are socialized to be ‘nice’.…

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    I’ve missed writing on this blog! I’ve been exploring the reasons that have been keeping me away from writing in this space… And really, much of it is legit. In the…

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    Self-care Sensitivity

    Handling Traumatic News

    I have not been very diligent about following my own self-care advice these couple of weeks. Typically I do not read the news, I do not EVER watch TV news coverage…

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    Dealing with Projections as an HSP

    Sensitive people are often projected upon because sensitivity as a trait is often shoved under the carpet,  and lurks deep in the Shadow for many people. Associated with dark emotions and…