Reconnecting with my Intention


I want anyone who is burdened by things that they don’t have to be burdened by (especially related to their sensitivity), to be able to lessen their burdens, especially if they are willing, ready and able to put in the often hard work of digging deep.

If they put in the work of getting to know their own psyche, their responses, the way they think, understand and conceptualize their world and themselves, then I intend to assist and aid them on this journey.

And by burdens, I am referring to all the negative programming that a sensitive, intuitive person has received about them just being who they are, their emotional responses, their strengths and weaknesses.

I am referring to the needless suffering that is caused by believing and internalizing messages of unworthiness, smallness, being trapped, not knowing or valuing the self. I have walked this path, and know so well how believing in all these things causes so much pain and suffering. These were partly a result of my sensitivity, but also my unique place in the world as a Chinese woman, growing up in Singapore, having my ancestral lineage, etc. You will have your own unique story to unravel.

I feel relief today and I know who I am – which to me, honestly, is the ultimate prize and victory on this journey. Because I used to wander the world just being a reflection of whoever anyone wanted me to be –  even as I developed a ego-personality, I had a sense of my likes and dislikes, and by all appearances I was just a ‘normal’ person – I was essentially energetically pulled everywhere, all at once. I felt empty. I did not know who I was, and I was often filled with so much fear.

Yet walking this path will not take away every difficult thought, feeling, or emotion, because that is not what sensitivity mastery is about. It’s not what life is about. You will not get to a point where everything will be magically comfortable forever.

Sensitivity mastery is finally being able to know who you really are, after excavating yourself out from under all the debris and dirt and stuff that’s thrown at you from day 1. And it never really ends; it deepens, it broadens, it evolves, but at least you now have an inkling of how to go about doing it, because you now have a sense of who you are. Having this unshakeable sense means that you will never be alone no matter where you go. You will have you. You will never abandon yourself again.

I am putting together a class, part of which will be offered at low or no cost, which will help you to begin this journey, based on my unique experience.  There will be no gimmicks, no overpromising, no fluff. I am committed to this path and I hope that everything I have learned so far will be of service to you.

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