Self-Care Series: Lindsay Mack, Intuitive & Tarot Reader

Lindsay is a gem. I loved my reading with her and am thrilled she agreed to share her self-care practices with all of us! In person, her compassion shines through & her no-BS, true-to-life advice and guidance cuts right to the heart of things – just like how it does in this little chat I had with her. – xx K

How do you practice self-care?

Honestly, every aspect of my life is a practice in self-care. I LOVE my body, I love myself. She’s my daughter, my sacred responsibility. I love her and mother in whatever way she needs, no rigidity whatsoever.

I really try to be as present and flexible as possible through my day and offer myself whatever I need at any given moment. I also view self-care not only as my birthright, but as a part of my work as an intuitive and a healer. It’s a non-negotiable for me. I live this way in order to do the work I do. I can’t truly be of service to anyone if my channel is not clear.

My regular foundations are eating the foods that I know my body loves and is nourished by, staying really hydrated, regularly receiving energy work, masturbating (orgasming might be the best self care technique available to us, right?!), taking really beautiful salt and essential oil baths, getting outside as often as possible, and working regularly in sessions with my teacher and mentor, who is also a clear channel for spirit. Also – quiet time. Sitting at my altar happens every day, even for 90 seconds.

Meditation, walking, mindfulness, whatever feels right in the moment. My wild soul also needs to be outside, in water preferably, as often as possible. If I’m naked, all the better. It’s very unstructured, and I do it as needed, wherever I am. What my body and soul need on a moment to moment basis often changes, but those baselines always stay the same.

The only thing I DON’T do is keep to a rigid schedule, or use force with myself in any capacity. Flexible, steady, responsive to the moment and very loving is the name of my game.

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How did you learn that you needed this for yourself?

I had a nervous system and adrenal collapse about a year and a half ago that transformed my entire life. I was doing healing work with people prior to that, but was 100 percent not living my truth at all. I was run down, angry, eating so poorly, drinking way too much, you name it. I had undiagnosed hypoglycemia, on top of many other health issues. So I got incredibly sick, my nervous system broke down, and I rebuilt my foundations from scratch. At the time, I genuinely didn’t know if I would live through it, it was such a dark time. Now, I view it as the most blessed wake up call imaginable. It changed everything for me.

I’m a very (now) healthy survivor of extreme abuse as a child and young adult, and I struggled mightily with PTSD that was very pervasive. It truly hijacked my life. I now do a lot of trauma healing work with people, and it always surprises them to hear how profoundly PTSD effects all of the physical systems in the body, as well as the emotional ones. It can be very debilitating in all facets. My trauma was a huge part of the breakdown a year and a half ago, but the breakdown was the biggest catalyst for healing in my life. I started working with healers and doctors from the inside out on caring for my body, my heart, my soul, and slowly and steadily built my life on a brand new foundation: loving myself. I literally had to be taught how to do this.

So many of us, especially those of us who experienced abuse from our caretakers, carry out our family’s legacies. We inadvertently pick up habits, choices, frequencies, and begin doing them to ourselves, too.

This was previously true for me, and this past year was really about embracing myself and building anew, healing the trauma in my nervous system, releasing a tremendous amount of emotion, terror, belief – I HAD to have a foundation of good self-care to do that. So the food piece started there.

The rest flooded in over time, when my nervous system and brain felt calm enough to rest. Then I flipped out of self-care mode and into expansion – thriving mode! That’s been such a deep joy. But yeah, my self care exists because I crawled out of the blackest hole imaginable. I’m grateful everyday for this body, I’m so in awe of my body’s capacity to heal itself – and I cannot believe I get to do this work with people. It fills me with more joy and satisfaction than I can express. I honestly believe it never would have dropped in for me had I not started to take beautiful care of myself.

Is there anyone in your life who helps keeps you on your practice?

The people in my life who raise my frequency and help me remember my truth when it becomes muddy to me are my teacher and mentor, Michelle Sinnette, my husband, Chase, and my wolf sister, Elyssa.

About Lindsay
Lindsay Mack is a born intuitive, tarot reader, certified holistic counselor, and heart centered healer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of Sacred Tarot School, Wild Soul Healing, and Sophrosune Wellness, all based in NYC. As a coach and a healer, Lindsay is passionately dedicated to helping those who are healing and releasing trauma and PTSD. She also offers Soul Tarot Readings, a uniquely holographic way of reading Tarot that seamlessly blends intuitive channeling, energy work and counseling for deep wisdom, clarity, healing and evolution. She has led workshops on trauma at Maha Rose, and has read and taught tarot all over the country. / Instagram: @wildsoulhealing

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