Sensitive in the City

Are you a highly sensitive person or empath, and a city dweller?

Well, me too. I love city living, and feeling the buzz and energy of big cities. But it can also be challenging – especially when it comes to finding and maintaining this magical, mythical thing called balance.

Living in cities requires us to do this dance: we reap the rewards of community, new ideas, new things to see and experience all the time – while having to be mindful of our needs and taking care of our bodies. While the bright lights beckon and demand more from us, there’s the opposite tug to go within, calling for us to cultivate an inner awareness that helps us know when to step back, seek out quiet and take time to fully integrate change, ideas and other stimulation. In this dance, who leads? Who follows? How do we navigate this dynamic?

The answer is unique for each individual. This column is designed to be a practical guide to navigating energies – in the external world and within yourself, as well as explore the opportunities that cities bring to us.

Know that if you are drawn to living in a city at this point of time, even as a highly sensitive person, there is a reason for it!