Sensitives in the Wild – Marie Kondo

Sensitivity as super power, spotted in the Wild.

Marie Kondo’s book ‘Spark Joy‘, her illustrated guide follow-up to massively successful ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘ caught my eye lately. Marie Kondo runs a consultancy where she helps her clients declutter, with a waitlist that is over a year long.

In mainstream media, she’s regarded as somewhat kooky, but I’m thinking, dude, she’s very likely an empath. (Of course, I may be just a tiny bit biased)…


Case in point: She believes that things have feelings (evidently, a red flag for the more conventional folks), and one of her ways of determining whether to toss something out is to hold it, and feel whether it sparks any joy within. If not, then it’s time to get rid of it. Opening your wardrobe should feel like a chorus of angels beckoning you to select from a wonderful selection of silk gowns, rainbow robes other life-affirming pieces. As clothes are what we reach for every single day, she advises starting from our wardrobes, as tidying it up would have an immediate impact on our lives.

What stands out most to me is how she manages to apply her sensitivity – to her environment and material possessions – to create practical, real-life solutions. It’s intuitive and wonderful.

And as an empath, her ideas totally resonate with me. Something could look perfectly fine, but if it doesn’t bring me any joy or ease, I’m not likely to wear it. I often hate packing for long trips because how will I know what I would feel like wearing on any given day? Wearing something that doesn’t gel with my energy or vibe for the day leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable, like something is slightly off.

Of course, clothes aren’t life or death. But as someone who views what they wear against their skin as an extension of their personal power… It matters. It’s cool to see how she has seen so much success, and as someone who finds themselves tidying up in spurts, I look forward to applying her methods!

Have you read her book? What do you think of it? 


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