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Can you really retire as an empath?

Ever since Maryam Hasnaa introduced the idea of ‘retiring as an empath’, I found myself mulling over the concept. Is that really possible? Her work has informed some of my practices, and I have found a lot of her writings…

Sensitive Warriors Sensitivity

Empath 101: Energy Basics

Perhaps you’re new to the whole concept of energy and being able to sense something we have not been taught to identify or to name. It’s natural to feel scared, skeptical, doubtful, or even ‘crazy’. So often I have…

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10 Awesome Things About Being an Empath

We don’t hear enough about the truly magical and wonderful aspects of being an empath. While being one doesn’t make us any more special or unique than other people, just different, there are some things about it that are…


Empaths in Romantic Relationships

In a  weekly feature, Dana of  Empath Rising will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath. It’s amazing to consider that even the most emotionally intelligent human being (that’s…


There is Freedom in Boundaries

In a new weekly feature, Dana of  Empathic Translation will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath. Ok, so you have discovered you are a “Sensitive” – likely identifying…

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How to Ground and Centre Yourself

Grounding and centering yourself is super important in times of change and intensity. It helps you to deal with stuff with more grace and clarity, essential to holding yourself steady through wobbly times. If you’re standing strong and rooted, it’ll…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 2)

In between writing this post and the previous one, life has been tossing me curveballs left and right. It was a great reminder that practicing self-care amidst even the most chaotic of moments is of utmost importance. Don’t wait…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 1)

Standing in the light helps. “Just believe in yourself.” It’s one of those throwaway pieces of advice that people tend to dole out. Like “Take it easy.” or “Let it go.” In the darkest, fuzziest moments of my seemingly…


Book Recommendation for Empaths

A sudden silence here, as I’m making my way through a very enlightening book right now: The Empath Archetype by Elaine La Joie. It’s the culmination of the insights she’s culled during her work as a shaman that took…

XMen Days of Future Past

X-Men and…Empaths

So, after succumbing to jet-lag and taking a 4-hour nap at 4pm on Sunday, we went to watch the X-Men movie. (Side note: the theaters here are awesome. For the price of a normal ticket, you get these ginormous…