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How to Ground and Centre Yourself

Grounding and centering yourself is super important in times of change and intensity. It helps you to deal with stuff with more grace and clarity, essential to holding yourself steady through wobbly times. If you’re standing strong and rooted, it’ll…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 2)

In between writing this post and the previous one, life has been tossing me curveballs left and right. It was a great reminder that practicing self-care amidst even the most chaotic of moments is of utmost importance. Don’t wait…


How to Believe in Yourself (Part 1)

Standing in the light helps. “Just believe in yourself.” It’s one of those throwaway pieces of advice that people tend to dole out. Like “Take it easy.” or “Let it go.” In the darkest, fuzziest moments of my seemingly…


Midweek Reads

1. MR PORTER’s Japan issue I love everything Japan (along with about half of the world outside of Japan, I’m sure) – so obviously I loved everything about this editorial. Mr Porter’s online content ‘The Journal’ is also pretty…


Self-care Fridays: Food & Feelings

1. I wanted to rhyme ‘Food’ & ‘Mood’ for this title but nothing witty came to mind This week, I was mindful about drinking more water, and reducing my salt & sugar intake. (Writing this sentence just gave me…


Self-care Fridays

I skipped a post as I was in Portland last week! (And I’m late by a day this week! But baby steps, guys, baby steps.) Travelling for me is basically self-care in motion – walking around,  seeing new things,…

Dupont Circle DC

Self-care as an HSP

Friday is my new, self-appointed Self-care as an HSP day! Every Friday, I intend to talk about how I’ve taken time to slow down and care for myself that week.  First off, are you new to this whole HSP…

Sensitive Warriors Sensitivity

Sensitive Warrior: RUYU

I first fell in love with Ru Yu’s work when I saw her illustration of a girl with flowing, aqua hair. The serenity in it is so palpable, I was drawn to it immediately. I wanted to gaze at…


Working as an HSP/HSS

HSPs are often driven by a need to find ‘meaningful’ work, something that seems to connect with our soul purpose. All other kinds of work seem to be just… passing time. Chasing our own tails. Work is really such…


My HSP Story, Part 1

HSP? What is this thing you speak of? I get it, it’s okay. There are a million and one issues in this world, big and small, begging for your attention. And this is no more or no less important…