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Working as an HSP/HSS

HSPs are often driven by a need to find ‘meaningful’ work, something that seems to connect with our soul purpose. All other kinds of work seem to be just… passing time. Chasing our own tails. Work is really such a huge topic for me, that I’ve basically been obsessing over it for like, a third of my life so far. But this post isn’t exactly about work itself. Instead, it’s the corollary to work: disciplining myself to actually get down to doing the work.

Having sat in offices, playing the part of dutiful employee and all, a part of me is still trying to shake off the conditioning that work = sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, 6 of which are spent surfing Facebook, texting someone, finding excuses to go out for a snack/drink/walk (without alerting the boss, in case they start muttering those sweeping ‘Gen Y’ or ‘Millenial’ epithets), leaving only about two hours that can be considered productive in any way at all. (…What? You don’t do this? Okay, then.) And then wait with bated breath for that moment when magically, the paycheck at the end of the month appears in your bank account. Woohoo! 

Years of flirting with this mode of working, and I know I’m definitely not the only one who finds it such a struggle.

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