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self-care is not selfish

Self Care is not Selfish

Reposted with permission from Womb of Light, by Bethany Webster. As women, the need for self-care can trigger feelings of guilt. We’ve been conditioned to automatically think that we are neglecting others when we take time and energy to…


Self-Care Series: Elyssa Jakim

The self-care series features sensitive people across the spectrum – intuitives, empaths, indigos, whatever label you might know them by – and how they practice radical self-care. Self-care is a way of keeping ourselves centered, grounded and glowing –…


Self-care Fridays: Food & Feelings

1. I wanted to rhyme ‘Food’ & ‘Mood’ for this title but nothing witty came to mind This week, I was mindful about drinking more water, and reducing my salt & sugar intake. (Writing this sentence just gave me…


Self-care Fridays

I skipped a post as I was in Portland last week! (And I’m late by a day this week! But baby steps, guys, baby steps.) Travelling for me is basically self-care in motion – walking around,  seeing new things,…

Dupont Circle DC

Self-care as an HSP

Friday is my new, self-appointed Self-care as an HSP day! Every Friday, I intend to talk about how I’ve taken time to slow down and care for myself that week.  First off, are you new to this whole HSP…