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self-care is not selfish

Self Care is not Selfish

Reposted with permission from Womb of Light, by Bethany Webster. As women, the need for self-care can trigger feelings of guilt. We’ve been conditioned to automatically think that we are neglecting others when we take time and energy to…


Empaths in Romantic Relationships

In a  weekly feature, Dana of  Empath Rising will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath. It’s amazing to consider that even the most emotionally intelligent human being (that’s…


Self-Care Series: Elyssa Jakim

The self-care series features sensitive people across the spectrum – intuitives, empaths, indigos, whatever label you might know them by – and how they practice radical self-care. Self-care is a way of keeping ourselves centered, grounded and glowing –…