What to Expect While You’re Accepting

In a  weekly feature, Dana of  Empath Rising will be sharing her views as well as practical tips on understanding and managing your sensitivity as an Empath.

When you come into awareness that you are a so called ‘Sensitive’ there will be some phases you will go through. It’s sort of like grieving the loss of someone and celebrating the birth of a new baby all in one cluster-F experience.  It’s confusing and emotional and empowering, depressing, exciting, frustrating and truly liberating.

I thought I would break it down into a “what to expect while you are accepting” description of sorts:

Stage 1: Shock

First, you will go through this stage of shock where you are like, “WTF? How did I not come across any of this information that is flooding my brain prior to now!!??”  It’s twisted because you are happy, but also, you are just dumbfounded that for so long you never once realized that there are actually a TON of human beings out there experiencing the same “awakening” as you are and coming to an understanding with – and of – themselves.

Stage 2: Self-Discovery

You begin the process of passionately pursuing yourself.  You really focus on mass researching anything that sparks your curiosity and your entire world seems to be bringing into your awareness this sense of clarity – it’s like epiphany after epiphany.  This is a wonderful phase where actually, you are being validated – that what you’ve always felt inside, actually does exist AND provides you with this incredible sense of identity.  You begin to really feel comfortable with who you are, a sense of relief comes over you that, well, that you are actually human!

Stage 3: Resentment

This is a tough phase to go through.  This is the phase where you begin to fight with your own self doubt.  The more research you begin to do, the more you begin to question if what you are learning about yourself, about society, about spirituality and consciousness is really “true” or you are just totally off your rocker. You know deep down you want to believe in all of this magical, deeply philosophical stuff, this hopelessly romantic, ‘life is beautiful’ thinking – but at the same time you experience extreme self-doubt because, all of this seems too beyond what you are taught in black and white terms.  This phase can lead to a lot of resentment – towards yourself or towards others.  I remember for myself, I was so pissed off at my parents for not having recognized that what I REALLY was: a super Sensitive child – all the while I was labeled the “temper tantrum child that couldn’t sit still, never listened and just wanted to be with animals” – with extreme connectedness to all creatures of Earth and human beings made me feel unsafe (while animals were comforting).  It’s important to go through these fits of anger because you really can tap into traumatic memories that will allow you to bring them to the surface for release – which brings self awareness and inner peace.


All we really wanna do is hang out with animals.

Stage 4: Depression

The more you dig into your own life history and bring to the surface all these memories that you’re processing all over again – the more depressed you may find yourself.  It’s very, very hard to go through so much processing of emotional memories so quickly; it’s often painful and confusing, even re-traumatizing, all at once. I said this was a phase of depression – but really it is a stage of grand self evaluation, a complete analysis of all the pieces you have torn apart within yourself.  It can feel like a depressive state of being because you are facing LOTS of truth – however, what you are actually doing is residing in the state I call my “Nothingness.”  In this state, that to others appears as a depression, a numbing of sorts, is really a heightened sense of clarity where the mind is still and the Highest Self is stepping forward.  When in the “Nothingness” – you actually get to CHOOSE.  You choose everything and you understand you have TOTAL control of your Self.  It’s a blissful state of creation, no end and no beginning within yourself.  It’s a place where you are allowed to let go of the pieces that no longer serve you, while taking with you the lessons that empower you.  It’s this place where all of the knowledge you acquired from living becomes WISDOM – and guides you forward from here on out.  Yes, personally, I love the Nothingness and I usually hit this phase of my life every few months.  It’s a regenerative state, a Phoenix Cycle of sorts, where out of the darkness of your own ashes, you are reborn, stronger and wiser than before. Embrace your Nothingness!

Stage 5: Healing

You have brought forth and faced all of your own inner demons and are at a heightened sense of Self Awareness.  Your traumas become significantly easier to discuss and you feel a certain sense of freedom and empowerment from speaking them out loud – like they have no control over you anymore because they seem almost irrelevant to who you are becoming (they were left in the nothingness).  At this point you are aligned with your Highest Self and are really focused on listening to what it has to say, where it wants to guide you.  You come to understand just how grateful you are towards your body – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – for having endured all it did up until this point for you realize, had you not gone through everything, doing things exactly the way you did, you would not be who you are in this moment.  You begin to release all of the hurts in your Soul and you feel lighter and all you can focus on is aiding and serving the betterment of Humanity.  At this stage you feel such a sense of inner peace, a harmony within yourself, a smile that shines from within – you can feel almost as if your awareness, your Highest Self is in control and it is one Balanced, Calm Assertive Empathic Badass!  At this point, you begin to appreciate your SELF.

Stage 6: Self-Acceptance

You and your Highest Self are now besties and are in Passionate Pursuit of everything that resides within your Soul Purpose.  You are focused on Discovering your strength – many of which you realized you always had but never valued.  Many of these are all the aspects of your character you felt were weak, like empathy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, love – you realize your super power is your vulnerability.  No longer do you seek societal validation as your Self Respect is all that you need.  You seek approval from nothing outside your self and you are steadfast on your path of understanding who you are, who you’re truly meant to be and why you are here.  You begin living only for YOU and with that you feel more connected with this Earth and all its creatures than ever before.  This is the phase where you realize just how much you undervalued your own worth and how that will never happen again.  This is the phase where you look at yourself in the mirror – focus on every aspect that you once saw as flawed, smile and say, “I am PROUD OF ALL OF ME!!!”

And after his phase of Self Acceptance, you become a Sacred Fool, who relies only on the Leap of Faith to trust that Inner Self, and that is when you become one of the most Powerful beings on this Earth.

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