you deserve to be nurtured

Hello, my lovely sensitive friends. Happy new year!

How are you feeling? I’m feeling the pull of going inwards and getting centred, after a crazy December. I’m thankful for the slower pace of January; a month of consolidation, and a time of getting right with ourselves.

This year, I’m introducing a little structure to my blog. We’re beginning with the theme of Nurture, which will see us through the first quarter of the year. I chose ‘Nurture’ because I love the energy of this word – it’s patient, gentle and thorough. It’s not the task master or drill sergeant demanding you to ‘Grow!’ ‘Change!’ ‘Shape up!’, because how many of us really respond positively to that, all of the time?

As sensitive souls, we are so driven to improve ourselves, and may be harder on ourselves than we need to be along the way. We all have goals and dreams that we want to make happen. But instead of…

mercilessly pushing ourselves or forcing ourselves to adopt new habits – an attitude that seems to come with the dawn of every calendar year in the wider world – perhaps we could consider taking a gentler approach. We can encourage ourselves and each other. We can be caring. We will not be excessively rigid with our timelines. We will give ourselves room to breathe. We will allow. We will play. We will be perceptive to where we can push a little harder, while being aware of when it’s time to pull back and stop. We will rest when we need to.

It’s a loud and demanding world. It’s beautiful and crazy. Glorious and wretched. And amidst all the stimulation, it’s imperative that we give ourselves this time and space to simply be, to grow at our own pace. It may be helpful to remember that mindfully taking control of your pace does require strength and some ability to put the blinders on. To keep yourself centered, trust that even when we take it slow and steady, we will continue to grow and evolve, be stronger within ourselves and surer of what we are here to offer to the world.

Where could you ease up on yourself a little? I invite you to frame any intentions for growth through this gentler lens.

As for me, I’m hoping to nurture my ability to take up more space in this world. I want to nurture my self-expression in ways that bring myself and others joy. And I want to create a nurturing space here for all of us who may need some encouragement from time to time. We all need each other, and I hope to nurture those connections that help all of us thrive.

Thank you for being here, and may 2016 bring you ever closer to yourself.



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